2009 EuChemS General Assembly

2009 EuChemS General Assembly – Interlaken

Luis Oro, EuChemS President, chaired the EuChemS GA hosted by the Swiss Chemical Society on 15-16 October in Interlaken, Switzerland, with 70 participants from member societies and sister organisations.
Guests included Yonas Chebude, Treasurer of the Federation of African Societies of Chemistry, Nicole Moreau, Present Elect of IUPAC, Tom Lane, President of the American Chemical Society, Henryk Koroniak, President of ECTN, George Horvai, Chair of CERC3, Ger Spork from CEFIC and David Lee from the European Physical Society.
From left to right: ??, Luis Oro (EuChemS), Nicole Moreau (IUPAC), Yonas Chabaude (FACS), Evelyn McEwan (EuChemS), ??
Topical issues for debate included: 
Topical issues were debated during breakout discussions on
  • European Chemistry Research and Funding, led by Dave Garner and Peter Kündig
  • Sustainable Chemistry Education, led by Ilka Parchmann and Richard Pike
  • International Year of Chemisry 2011, led by Igor Tkatchenko and Wolfram Koch
  • Enhancing recognition of EuChemS, led by Franco De Angelis and Sergio Facchetti


Presentations GA 2009

Reports from EuChemS, Associated Organisations of EuChemS, Divisions and Working Parties.

Downloadable Files

EuChemS Review 2009
Luis Oro, President, EuChemS
PDF icon PDF (2857k)
European Research and Funding
Dave Garner, President, Royal Society Chemistry
PDF icon PDF (23k)
The International Year of Chemistry 2011
Nicole Moreau, President Elect, IUPAC
PDF icon PDF (1290k)
Chemistry in Switzerland
George Frater, President, Swiss Chemical Society
PDF icon PDF (2266k)
EuChemS Division of Food Chemistry (FCD)
Livia Simon Sarkadi, Chair
PDF icon PDF (87k)
European Young Chemists Network (EYCN)
Sergej Toews, Chair
PDF icon PDF (1325k)
Sustainability of Chemistry Education
Richard Pike CEO RSC, Ilka Parchmann, Chair, Division of Chemical Education
PDF icon PDF (107k)
Federation of African Societies of Chemistry (FASC)
Yonas Chebude, Treasurer
PDF icon PDF (225k)
Resurgence of Science in the US
Tom Lane, President, ACS
PDF icon PDF (614k)
Who and What is CERC3?
George Horvai, President, CERC3
PDF icon PDF (30k)
History of EuChemS
Reto Battaglia, EuChemS Board Member
PDF icon PDF (68k)
An Effective Governance
Giovanni Natile, EuChemS Past President
PDF icon PDF (46k)