2008 EuChemS General Assembly

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2008 EuChemS General Assembly – Stavanger

EuChemS GA October 2008

Left-right: Reto Battaglia, San Thang, Nicole Moreau, Giovanni Natile, Evelyn McEwan, Luis Oro, Bruce Bursten

Giovanni Natile, EuChemS President, chaired the EuChemS GA on 9-10 October in Stavanger, Norway, with 60 participants from European countries and international organisations.

Guests included San Thang, Treasurer of FACS (Federation of Asian Chemical Societies), Nicole Moreau, President Elect of IUPAC, Bruce Bursten, President of ACS, Leiv Sydnes, Chairman of CHEMRAWN, Ger Spork from CEFIC, David Lee from the European Physical Society and Richard Whewell from ECTN.
Whilst its primary focus is science and policy development in Europe, EuChemS recognises the importance of engaging with partner organisations across the world in addressing the challenges of globalisation.

Topical issues for debate included:

  • ‘The future of chemistry research and related funding’ led by Dave Garner.
  • ‘The European Chemist designation: what do member societies want and how can EuChemS deliver’ led by Pavel Drasar and Sergio Facchetti.
  • ‘Chemistry and energy: how to effectively follow up the EuChemS report’ led by Richard Pike.
  • ‘The EuChemS networking scheme: how to better integrate national societies within EuChemS’ led by Franco De Angelis and Gerhard Karger.

Presentations GA 2008

Reports from EuChemS, Associated Organisations of EuChemS, Divisions and Working Parties:

  • EuChemS Review 2008
    Giovanni Natile, EuChemS President
  • Federation of Asian Chemical Societies
    San Thang, FACS Treasurer
    Nicole Moreau, President Elect
  • Chemical Research Applied to World Needs
    Leiv Sydnes, CHEMRAWN
  • Seawater as a ‘smart’ IOR-fluid in chalk
    Tor Austad
  • The Norwegian Chemical Society
    Tor Hemmingsen
  • European Young Chemists Network (EYCN)
    Helena Laavi, Internal Affairs EYCN
  • Division of Chemistry and the Environment
    Philippe Garrigues, Chair of DCE
  • Division of Organometallic Chemistry
    Helena Grennberg, Chair of DOC
  • Chemistry Research and Funding
    Dave Garner, President RSC
  • How do we progress the Chemistry and Energy Report
    Presented by Dr Richard Pike, CEO of the Royal Society of Chemistry