2007 EuChemS General Assembly

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2007 EuChemS General Assembly – Frankfurt

EuChemS Presidents

From left to right: Reto Battaglia, Giovanni Natile, Evelyn McEwan, Luis Oro, Gábor Náray-Szabó

EuChemS President, Giovanni Natile chaired the EuChemS GA, held on 4-5 October in Frankfurt with participants from 28 European countries and guests from the US.
A key theme of the EuChemS General Assembly was the development of science policy, including the future development of the European Research Area.
EuChemS endorsed a Declaration on Sustainable Development, pledging to promote global sustainable development and to work to ensure that the next generation of scientists protects and maintains the well-being of the Earth and its inhabitants.

Presentations GA 2007

Associated Organisations and Member Societies

    Dr Marion Mours, Innovation Manager CEFIC AISBL
    Professeur Nicole Moreau, Representative of IUPAC
    Willi Meier, Director DECHEMA
  • Deutsche Bunsen-Gesellschaft
    Andreas Förster, Secretary General of DBG
  • Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker
    Wolfram Koch, Representative of GDCh

Divisions and Working Parties

  • Division of Analytical Chemistry
    Professor Bo Karlberg Chair of Division
  • Division of Chemistry and the Environment
    Philippe Garrigues, Chair of Division
  • Division of Nuclear and Radiochemistry
    Tony Ware, Chair of Division
  • Working Party on Chemistry and Energy
    Richard Pike, Chair of WP
  • Working Party on Green and Sustainable
    Pietro Tundo, Chair of WP