2006 EuChemS General Assembly

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2006 EuChemS General Assembly – Moscow

Chemistry and Energy was a key theme of the EuChemS General Assembly 2006, held in Moscow at the invitation of the Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society, 12-13 October.  The presentations can be viewed below

Presentations GA 2006

Reports from Associated Organisations and Divisions:

  • The Energy Challenge by Richard Pike
    Presentation given by Richard Pike at the EuChemS General Assembly, October 2006 in Moscow, Russia
  • The Energy Challenge by Wolfram Koch
    Presentation given by Wolfram Koch at the EuChemS General Assembly, October 2006, Moscow, Russia
  • The Smart Energy Home: A home for living innovation
    An initiative developed by SusChem
  • The Mendeleev Chemical Society
    Presentation by Pavel Sarkisov
  • FECS to EuChemS development
    Presentation by Reto Battaglia
  • EuChemS Communications Strategy
    Presentation by Wolfram Koch
  • Analytical Chemistry
    Presentation by Bo Karlberg
  • Chemistry and Life Sciences
    Presentation by Paula Turano
  • Chemistry and the Environment
    Presentation by Philippe Garrigues
  • Nuclear and Radiochemistry
    Presentation by Tony Ware
  • Chemistry in Microsystems
    Presentation by Steve Haswell
  • History of Chemistry
    Presentation by Ernst Homburg
  • Chemistry and Energy
    Presentation by Richard Pike