2006 EuChemS General Assembly

2006 EuChemS General Assembly – Moscow

Chemistry and Energy was a key theme of the EuChemS General Assembly 2006, held in Moscow at the invitation of the Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society, 12-13 October.  The presentations can be viewed below

Presentations GA 2006

Reports from Associated Organisations and Divisions

Downloadable Files

The Energy Challenge by Richard Pike
Presentation given by Richard Pike at the EuChemS General Assembly, October 2006 in Moscow, Russia
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The Energy Challenge by Wolfram Koch
Presentation given by Wolfram Koch at the EuChemS General Assembly, October 2006, Moscow, Russia
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The Smart Energy Home: A home for living innovation
An initiative developed by SusChem
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The Mendeleev Chemical Society
Presentation by Pavel Sarkisov
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FECS to EuChemS development
Presentation by Reto Battaglia
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EuChemS Communications Strategy
Presentation by Wolfram Koch
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Analytical Chemistry
Presentation by Bo Karlberg
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Chemistry and Life Sciences
Presentation by Paula Turano
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Chemistry and the Environment
Presentation by Philippe Garrigues
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Nuclear and Radiochemistry
Presentation by Tony Ware
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Chemistry in Microsystems
Presentation by Steve Haswell
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History of Chemistry
Presentation by Ernst Homburg
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Chemistry and Energy
Presentation by Richard Pike
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