Women in their Element: a new book on the contribution of women to the Periodic Table

Aug 26, 2019

The celebration of the 150 year anniversary of Mendeleev’s first publication of the Periodic Table of Elements presents the opportunity for delving deeper into the history surrounding the Periodic Table, its contributors and its meaning today. One such viewpoint on the history of the Periodic Table has been presented in a new collective volume with short illustrated papers on women and their contribution to the building and the understanding of the Periodic Table and of the elements themselves.

Few existing texts deal with women’s contributions to the Periodic Table. A book on women’s work will help make historical women chemists more visible, as well as shed light on the multifaceted character of the work on the chemical elements and their periodic relationships. Stories of female input, the editors believe, will contribute to the understanding of the nature of science, of collaboration as opposed to the traditional depiction of the lone genius.

‘Women in their Element’ has been edited by Brigitte Van Tiggelen (Science History Institute, USA), Chair of the EuChemS Working Party on the History of Chemistry and Annette Lykknes (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway), Vice-Chair of the EuChemS Working Party on the History of Chemistry.

EuChemS President Pilar Goya has written one of the two prefaces to the book.

More information is available here.

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