The role of Analytical Chemistry in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic

Dec 9, 2020

Slavica Ražić, Chair of the EuChemS Division of Analytical Chemistry (DAC) and Marcela A. Segundo, Secretary of the DAC-EuChemS, published a column on the role of analytical sciences during the current pandemic crisis. In this article, Slavica Ražić and Marcela A. Segundo also explain how the DAC-EuChemS is contributing in fighting COVID-19.

Fundamental analytical science issues, such as scientific data evaluation and the balanced presentation of results, are of enormous importance. More than ever, the estimation and inclusion of uncertainties have become an unavoidable part of all scientific approaches for decision-making. In the present scenario, analytical chemists have to do their best to facilitate communication with other disciplines, specialists, and experts.

Slavica Ražić and Marcela A. Segundo

We invite you to read the full column HERE.