EuChemS to expand as two new Professional Networks Join

Dec 12, 2023

EuChemS welcomes the new EuChemS Division on Glycoscience, as well as a new EuChemS Working Party on Mechanochemistry. Their applications were endorsed by the EuChemS General Assembly at the Business Session of the 2023 EuChemS Annual Meetings.

The Division of Glycoscience aims to connect the fields of chemistry, biology, medical communities, and foster communication between academia & industry. They plan to conduct a webinar series, and collaborate with international networks on the subject.

The Working Party on Mechanochemistry aims to better connect the representatives of mechanochemistry in Europe, and collaborate with other EuChemS Professional Networks.

The new professional networks will begin to operate in 2024. EuChemS is delighted to embrace experts of Glycoscience and Mechanochemistry within the European Chemistry Community.