Guidebook on Pre-Service Training for Chemistry Teachers – a success story

May 4, 2018

The Guidebook ‘Pre-Service Training for Chemistry Teachers’ edited in part by Iwona Maciejowska, Chair of the EuChemS Division of Chemical Education and an active member of ECTN has now been downloaded over two hundred times and was recently cited in an official journal – a clear sign that the work is proving useful to many chemists, lecturers and teachers.

Teacher training courses throughout Europe generally conform to one of two distinct approaches – despite the fact that there are over 20 different models of teacher education currently in use throughout the continent. Because of the significant diversity found in teacher training programmes, defining a uniform set of quality requirements is impracticable. Instead, the development of conclusions and recommendations has proven a much more fruitful way forward.

In this guidebook, the reader will find a number of chapters and sections discussing specific strategies, teaching methods and lesson elements. Moreover, the authors have endeavoured to make each chapter as widely applicable throughout European universities.

Interested, or know someone who is? Access the Guidebook free of charge here.