SCF Chemical Biology Symposium 2024

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SCF Chemical Biology Symposium 2024
24/01/2024 - 26/01/2024    
All Day
Bâtiment 670
Bâtiment 670, Université Paris-Saclay 17 Avenue des Sciences 91400 Orsay - France , Orsay

Event information

SCF Chemical Biology Symposium 2024 – Chemistry meets Biology

A meeting organized by SCF-ChemBio at the frontiers between Chemistry and Biology

Chemical Biology creates molecular tools to understand and modulate biological processes, and uses physicochemical methods to observe and analyze these tools in complex environments.

It has direct applications in healthcare, agrochemistry and the environment, and is closely linked to the design of tomorrow’s therapeutic and diagnostic strategies.

Chemical tools for studying all classes of biomolecules (proteins, glycans, nucleic acids, membranes…) will be covered to highlight innovative strategies for interrogating the living world and and to bring together a broad chemical biology community.

Two succesful events have previously been organized online during the pandemics.

This is the first event organized by SCF-ChemBio in real life, and the inaugural event of a series.


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