Dec 15, 2015

EUROANALYSIS has become one of the most important broad-spectrum analytical chemistry conferences, covering all aspects of analytical sciences. It is held every two years in different European countries and is organized under the auspices of the EuChemS Division of Analytical Chemistry (DAC).

In September 2015 this conference was organized in Bordeaux by the French Chemical Society (SCF) with Philippe Garrigues and Christian Rolando as co-chairs. There were 700 Analytical Chemists participating from 56 countries. There were 32 scientific sessions that were organised under pre-arranged session themes (15) or grouped on the basis of submitted abstracts (17). In total there were 10 plenary lectures (including three award lectures), 28 keynote lectures, 136 oral presentations and 563 poster presentations. This resulted in a very attractive programme that demonstrated the broad diversity of analytical sciences in terms of techniques, sample matrices and analytes and also highlighted emerging analytical techniques and challenges.

EUROANALYSIS XVIII was selected as the perfect stage to honour scientists with prestigious awards. The Merck Award was received by Prof. Dr. Petra S. Dittrich (ETH Zurich, Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences, Zürich, Switzerland) and the DAC-EuChemS Award was received by Prof. Dr. Miguel Valcárcel (University of Córdoba, Department of Analytical Chemistry, Cordoba, Spain). The Robert Kellner Lecture, established by the EuChemS Division of Analytical Chemistry and sponsored by Springer in memory of the achievements of Prof. Dr. Robert Kellner, was delivered by Prof. Dr. Bernhard Lendl (TU Wien, Institute of Chemical Technologies and Analytics, Vienna, Austria).

The preparations for EUROANALYSIS XIX in Stockholm in 2017 (28 August – 1 September) have already started in order to continue this successful series of conferences. Further details, can be found at

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