EuChemS Response to the Public Consultation on Revision of Regulation on Explosives Precursors

Feb 15, 2018

In February 2018 EuChemS submitted an answer to the European Commission’s Open Public Consultation in view of a possible revision of Regulation (EU) No 98/2013 on the marketing and use of explosives precursors. In this answer, EuChemS asserts that storage of explosives precursor substances, their means of transportation, intra-EU movement, internet sales, as well as the existence of nonregulated, but potentially dangerous precursor substances freely available on the market, pose security concerns to a high extent.

Subsequently, EuChemS supports the view that the application of a ban in all Member States for the acquisition, possession and use of restricted explosives precursors by members of the general public will increase the level of security in the EU. It will also raise awareness and controls over transactions, disappearances and thefts of listed explosives precursors, and improve traceability of their sales.

In the same way EuChemS evaluates the impact of extending the obligation to report disappearances and thefts of explosives precursors to members of the general public and introducing a requirement for economic operators to register transactions with professional users.

EuChemS complete position can be read here.