EuChemS Long-Term Vision for “Solar-driven Chemistry”

Oct 12, 2015

Last Friday, EuChemS gathered some of the Europe´s top researchers to discuss “Solar-Driven Chemistry” during a scientific brainstorming workshop chaired by EuChemS Vice-President, Prof. Ulrich Schubert.

This brainstorming workshop, which follows a meeting organised by EuChemS in December 2014, aimed to explore the possibility of creating a European platform for “Solar-driven Chemistry” as well as the need to define the subject more precisely, to identify research deficits and opportunities and to develop a vision where we would like to stay in 30 years from now. This means that it is crucial that we now to lay the groundwork for a follow-up programme to Horizon 2020.

During this workshop, around 15 experts from science and funding agencies presented and debated ideas in a discussion where scientific arguments were the only limit. The outcomes of these discussions will later on be disseminated to the general public and to the EU policy-makers.

EuChemS would like to thank DFG Berlin Office for hosting this meeting.



151009 solar-driven chemistry photo1