EuChemS Position Paper and amendments on Horizon Europe

Aug 28, 2018

EuChemS, the European Chemical Society has published an updated Position Paper with amendments on the proposed plans for Horizon Europe.

We welcome the proposal for the future Framework Programme 9 – Horizon Europe – put forward by the European Commission. An ambitious research Framework Programme can fundamentally alter the quality, capacity and competitiveness of research and innovation in Europe. A robust and forward-looking Horizon Europe will allow society to take a significant step forward in tackling major environmental, societal, health and economic challenges and will ensure Europe maintains a leading position as a hub of breakthrough research, science and innovation.

We welcome the proposal for the three pillars as well as the notion of ‘Missions’ that have been introduced by the European Commission. We also welcome the reports prepared by Members of the European Parliament, rapporteurs Dan Nica and Christian Ehler. Nevertheless, we have, in the following paper, through our unique perspective as representatives of the field of Chemistry in Europe, and recognising the central role played by the chemical sciences across scientific disciplines in delivering solutions to major societal challenges, outlined further proposals and amendments that we perceive as fully enhancing Horizon Europe’s potential.

Download our detailed Position Paper here and our info sheet here.