EuChemS at the EC Mission to Chile on Circular Economy

Apr 11, 2016

Following an invitation from the European Commission (EC) delegation, EuChemS will be part of the EC delegation to Chile on the topic of circular economy, led by Mr Daniel Calleja, the European Commission’s Director-General for Environment. The mission takes place on 25-26 April 2016 back-to-back with the XIV World Mining Exhibition and Congress for Latin America.

The mission is taking place just a few months before the review of the EU-Chile Association Agreement, and will hopefully be increasing EU-Chile cooperation on sustainable development with a view to addressing the environment while opening up opportunities for growth and investment in the framework of the Circular Economy.

Among other topics, the mission will focus on issues related to circular economy, resource efficiency and sustainable use of natural resources, rco-innovation, chemicals, waste management, and water management.