EuChemS at High Level Roundable on Sustainable Chemicals

Feb 2, 2023

The 4th meeting of the High Level Roundtable on the implementation of the Chemicals Strategy was held on 1 February. EuChemS Secretary General Nineta Hrastelj and EuChemS Science Communications and Policy Officer Marton Kottmayer were present as representatives. EuChems, an invited stakeholder, contributed by raising an open question on science, knowledge and education’s role in the Safe and Sustainable by Design (SSbD) principle. Nineta Hrastelj highlighted the importance of SSbD being a result of co-creation and knowledge generation. Following up on this, she explained that knowledge-circulation and education is crucial for such co-creation process to be viable, and asked how such quality education can be ensured.

The 2023 February meeting follows the last meeting heldon 18 May 2022, which was attended by EuChemS President Floris Rutjes.

A detailed account of the roundtable can be read in EuChemS Magazine.