EuChemS-ACS Sign Memorandum of Understanding

Sep 13, 2016

During the EuChemS General Assembly in Seville, Diane Grob Schmidt, Past President of the American Chemical Society (ACS) , EuChemS President David Cole-Hamilton and EuChemS Secretary Genera l Nineta Majcen signed a Memorandum of Understanding . The two societies agreed to work together to “promote the ethical use of chemistry” and “collaborate for the good of the chemical enterprise, of their members, and of the subject of chemistry” in such areas as events, surveys, lobbying, ethics and safety, global challenges, exchange programmes, the public understanding of chemistry, etc.

Joint sessions have already been developed at ECC6 and one is planned for the ACS Spring meeting. ACS has sponsored ECC6, a joint employment survey is being planned, and the Atlantic Basin Conference on Chemistry (ABC Chem) is being launched as a new type of conference.