DAC Awards at Euroanalysis XVIII

Nov 23, 2015

EuChemS Division of Analytical Chemistry (DAC) presented the DAC-EuChemS Award to Professor Miguel Valcárcel, the award for the Robert Kellner Lecture (RKL) to Professor Bernhard Lendl, and the DAC Tribute to Professor Reiner Salzer at the Euroanalysis XVIII conference in Bordeaux.

The DAC-EuChemS Award recognizes a European individual who has demonstrated significant and sustained achievements in Analytical Chemistry research or education throughout his or her career. The inaugural 2015 awardee was Professor Miguel Valcárcel of the University of Córdoba, Spain. He has been Full Professor of Analytical Chemistry there since 1976. He also served as chair of DAC for six years (1999-2004) and was a member of the DAC Education Study Group for 10 years. His research interests include analytical nanoscience and nanotechnology, automation in the laboratory, flow injection analysis, flow-through sensors, non-chromatographic separation techniques, supercritical fluid extraction and metrology in chemistry and he has over 900 publications. Professor Valcárcel has also approached the teaching of Analytical Chemistry in an innovative manner throughout his academic career and has contributions include 10 monographs and 12 textbooks.

The RKL recognizes a European individual who has made substantial recent contributions in the last five years to the advancement of Analytical Chemistry research or education. The 2015 RKL was awarded to Professor Bernhard Lendl of Vienna University of Technology, Austria. He received his PhD in Chemistry from the same university in 1996 and was appointed Associate Professor of Analytical Chemistry there in 2001. From 2003-04 he was Guest Professor at the University of Córdoba, Spain and in 2008 he co-founded QuantaRed Technologies. His research focuses on the development of novel methods and technologies based on infrared and Raman spectroscopies. His current work centers on mid-IR quantum cascade lasers for environmental and process monitoring, lab-on-a-chip systems for time resolved mid-IR spectroscopy, ultrasound enhanced mid-IR fiber optic sensors, surface enhanced Raman scattering and stand-off Raman spectroscopy.

It was also the privilege of the Delegates, Guests and Observers at the DAC Annual Meeting in Bordeaux to award the DAC Tribute to Professor Reiner Salzer of Dresden University of Technology, Germany for his longstanding commitment to DAC and the advancement of Analytical Chemistry in Europe. He is chair of the DAC Education Study Group and recently supervised the completion of the European Employment Survey for Chemists and Chemical Engineers. He regularly organises the Education Session which is a feature of the Euroanalysis conferences.