Congratulations Dr Capriotti – EuChemS Lecture Award

Mar 6, 2018

Doctor Anna Laura Capriotti has been awarded the EuChemS Lecture Award 2017. Awarded on a yearly basis, the Lecture Award aims to reward the significant achievements of a junior scientist working in chemistry in a country with an EuChemS Member Organisation. Moreover, the winner is given the opportunity of giving a lecture at a major EuChemS event.

Dr Capriotti was commended for her significant contributions to the field of analytical chemistry and separation science, demonstrated through the impressive number of papers presented, as well as her progress in her own original and independent research in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Rome ”La Sapienza” (more information here). Through developing new analytical methods and tools for protein and peptide characterisation, she has been able to apply these tools to issues of biological and biochemical relevance as well as in the fields of nutraceutical and food analysis. Dr Capriotti has also contributed fundamanetal research in the study of interaction between liposomes and biological fluids.

The date and location of her lecture is to be announced shortly.