Willstätter, Richard Martin

Willstätter, Richard Martin (1872-1942)


Willstätter, Richard

20th Century
Born: Karlsruhe (Germany), 1872 
Died: Muralto (Switzerland), 1942 

Willstätter studied under Adolf v. Baeyer in München. In 1905 he became professor in Zürich and in 1912 joined the Max-Planck-Institute (KWI) for chemistry in Berlin. He became professor in München in 1916 and then in 1939 he emigrated to Switzerland. Willstätter clarified the constitution of cocaine in 1898 and in 1913 the constitution of chlorophyll. He also investigated anthocyanes. In 1915 he received the Nobel Prize for chemistry. In the 1920s Willstätter studied enzymes.

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