Stock, Alfred

Stock, Alfred (1876-1946)


Stock, Alfred Eduar

20th Century
Born: Danzig (Gdansk) (Germany), 1876 
Died: Aken near Dessau (Germany), 1946 

Stock studied under Emil Fischer and Henri Moissan. In 1906 he became professor in Berlin, in 1907 in Breslau (Wroclaw), in 1916 in Berlin (from 1921 director of the Max-Planck-Institute (KWI) for chemistry in Berlin) and in 1926 in Karlsruhe. At first he worked on hydrogen compounds of phosphorous, arsenic, and antimony, then on boron hydrates and silicium hydrates (synthesis of siloxanes). He also introduced new apparatus and methods into inorganic chemistry. 

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Alfred Stock (1876-1946) a German chemist and first published in 1919. was born in 1876, and when he retired in 1936 he moved from Karlsruhe to Berlin.