Nernst, Walther Hermann

Nernst, Walther Hermann (1864-1941)


Nernst, Walther Hermann

20th Century
Born: Briesen near Thorn (Torun) (Germany), 1864 
Died: Ober-Zibelle near Bautzen (Germany), 1941 

In 1883 Nernst became assistant of Wilhelm Ostwald in Leipzig, 1891 professor in Göttingen, 1905 in Berlin. He succeeded in explaining the phenomena connected with galvanic elements (Nernst´s equations 1889) and calculated the moveability of ions (Ionenbeweglichkeit) and the coefficient of diffusion. He was honoured with the Nobel Prize for 1920. 

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Walther Hermann Nernst was born on June 25, 1864 in Briesen, West Prussia, now Wabrzezno near Torun, Poland.