Mendeléev, Dmitri Ivanovich

Mendeléev, Dmitri Ivanovich (1834-1907)


Mendeleev, Dmitri Ivanovitch

19th Century
Born: Tobolsk (Russia), 1834 
Died: St.-Petersburg (Russia), 1907

Mendeleev studied in St.-Petersburg (1855), then went to France and Germany for graduate training under Bunsen. He attended the Karlsruhe Congress in 1860 and became professor of chemistry at the University of St.-Petersburg in 1866. Mendeleev could arrange all the elements known in his time (63) in order of atomic weights and get periodic rises and falls of valence (1869). This table is called the periodic table. Mendeleev left gaps in his table and announced that the gap represented elements not yet discovered. Mendeleev and his table brought order to the list of elements and served as a guide for chemists half a century later.

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