Kekulé, Friedrich August

Kekulé, Friedrich August (1829-1896)


Kekulé, Friedrich August

19th Century
Born: Darmstadt (Germany), 1829 
Died: Bonn (Germany), 1896

Kekulé, who started studies in architecture, turned himself to chemistry led by Liebig in Giessen (1849-1851). After his doctors degree in Giessen (1852), he traveled through England and France, where he did research under Williamson and Dumas. In 1856 he obtained a professorship at Heidelberg. By that time he announced the tetravalence of carbon (1853). In 1858 he took up a professorship at the University of Ghent (Belgium). In 1865 he introduced the structure of benzene and in 1867 Kekulé moved to Bonn. 

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Kekulé originally studied architecture, but became interested in Chemistry when he heard Liebig (of condenser fame) give evidence in a murder trial.