Fresenius, Carl Remigius

Fresenius, Carl Remigius (1818-1897)


Fresenius, Carl Rimigius

19th Century
Born: Frankfurt-am-Main (Germany), 1818 
Died: Wiesbaden (Germany), 1897

Fresenius became an apprentice apothecary and worked in the private laboratory of C. Marquart, professor in pharmacy in Bonn. He compiled, in 1841, a manual for qualitative analysis. In 1842 he took his Ph.D. as an assistant of Liebig. He also published a manual for quantitative analysis. Both books, reprinted several times and translated, were the bible of the time for analytical chemists. He founded, in 1848 in Wiesbaden, a very famous institute where analytical chemistry was taught and chemical analysis were done. In 1862 he founded the Zeitschrift für Analytische Chemie, which played a leading role.