Dumas, Jean Baptiste André

Dumas, Jean Baptiste André (1800-1884)


Dumas, Jean-Baptiste André

19th Century
Born: Alès (former Alais) (France), 1800
Died: Cannes (France), 1884

As one of the leading chemists of the 19th century Dumas was professor in several institutions in Paris (since 1829). In 1850/51 he was Minister of Agriculture, 1868 he became mintmaster general of France. Among his many papers those on etherin theory, on the theory substitution, on the theory of types, on the measurement of vapour densities and on the determination of nitrogen in organic compounds, on the isolation of anthracene from tar, on chloral, iodoform, bromoform, and on picric acid merit special mention. 

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Distinguished French chemist and senator, b. at Alais, department of Gard, 14 July, 1800; d. at Cannes, 10 April, 1884.