Lavoisier, Antoine Laurent

Lavoisier, Antoine Laurent (1743-1794)


Lavoisier, Antoine, Laurent

18th Century
Born: Paris (France), 1743 
Died: Paris (France), 1794

Lavoisier studied classic literature, philosophy, logics, astronomy, geology at the Collège Mazarin. Lavoisier started his chemical research in 1764. He developed a new method for preparing salpeter (1770). In 1776 he proposed a theory of combustion based on oxidation (anti-phlogiston). In 1787 he introduced a new nomenclature of chemical compounds (together with Berthollet, Fourcroy and Guyton de Morveau). In 1789 Lavoisier published his textbook "Elementary Treatise on Chemistry". He died during the French Revolution in 1794 under the guillotine, because of his work as tax-farmer.

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Along with Robert Boyle (who had lived during the previous century) Lavoisier is often credited with being the founder of modern chemistry.