GDCh – New President

Jan 11, 2016

EuChemS would like to welcome Prof. Dr. Thisbe K. Lindhorst as the new President our Member Society GDCh, German Chemical Society.

Prof. Lindhorst studied chemistry at the University of Münster, Germany and received her Ph.D. from the University of Hamburg, Germany before going to the University of British Columbia, Canada for her post doctoral Research in 1992. She completed her habilitation in 1998 at the University of Hamburg and is the Chair of Organic and Biological Chemistry at the University of Kiel since 2000.

Prof. Lindhorst research interests include Biological Chemisty of Carbohydrates and Glycoconjugates; Carbohydrate, Peptide, Dendrimer Synthesis; Ligand-Receptor Interactions; Conformational Control; Conformational Switches; Photoaffinity Labeling; Ligand Design; Molecular Modeling; Bacterial Adhesion to the Glycocalyx; Parallel Synthesis; Molecular Diversity; Lectin Binding; Multivalency and Macromolecular Effects.