EYCN holds 17th Delegate Assembly

On 26 March, the European Young Chemists’ Network (EYCN) held its 17th delegate assembly.  More than 30 delegates were attending this online event.

The assembly began with a speech by EuChemS president Floris Rutjes, who addressed recent and ongoing EuChemS activities, emphasising EuChemS policy initiatives.

After the EuChemS president’s speech, EYCN board members introduced and discussed numerous EYCN undertakings and priorities, such as the recent diversity webinar, the importance of establishing and maintaining international scientific collaboration, as well as the EYCN Podcast and “Chemistry Rediscovered” video competition. In addition, the current roles and responsibilities of the Membership Team, the recent updates of the Chemistry across Europe interactive map on the EYCN webpage and communications and engagements updates were also reviewed. Following these presentations, the EYCN’s planned events for the upcoming 8th EuChemS Chemistry Congress in Lisbon were presented.

The EYCN’s official mascot Prof. ChemChicken also attended the delegate assembly, which ended by the delegates expressing their hope to meet in person soon.

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