“The Nitrogen Element – Sustainable food production?” to be held this month

The upcoming science policy workshop “The Nitrogen Element – Sustainable food production?” is scheduled for 26 April, from 10:00 until 16:30 CEST. It is part of the series of policy workshops centred around specific elements of the EuChemS periodic table which shows the scarcity and sustainability of all natural elements.

Through the contributions of scientific and policy experts, these workshops aim to investigate how these elements can be used in a more viable way. Previous workshops investigated the carbon element through the lens of a sustainable society, and the lithium element in relation to the energy transition.

This month’s workshop assesses nitrogen and its role in agriculture. Via the Haber-Bosch process, nitrogen is used to produce ammonia, which sustains an estimated two thirds of global food production. However, the nitrogen cycle is nearing planetary boundaries, and innovative, alternative processes are called for.

In this workshop, a wide range of experts will discuss reducing nitrogen waste, precision agriculture, and numerous other nitrogen- and agriculture-related topics. The webpage of the event contains the detailed programme, information about the speakers, and instructions for registering. As it is regularly updated you can visit it to stay up to date on the latest speakers and finalised schedule.

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