Winners announced: EuChemS Historical Landmarks Awards 2019

Each year, EuChemS has an open call for a Historical Landmark Award, to recognise various sights of cultural heritage that are significant for the history of Chemistry. As some European countries already have a national landmark programme, two levels of EuChemS Historical Landmarks are foreseen: European (for major initiatives that have impact at the European level) and regional (for local initiatives significant for a particular region).

This year, the European level award goes to the Mines of Almaden in Spain, an exemplary historic mining site producing mercury, while the regional level award was given to Edessa Cannabis Factory Museum in Greece, which used to be a standard industrial unit, making ropes and twine from Indian hemp.

The call for 2020 EuChemS Historical Landmarks Award nominations will open in September, please follow this page for more information.

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