350 participants to the EuChemS’ webinar on the Carbon Element

On Earth Day (22 April), the European Chemical Society had the pleasure of hosting the webinar ‘The Carbon Element – Key towards a sustainable society’. This online event saw a wide range of scientific and EU policy discussions on decarbonization. It was also the opportunity to discuss the EuChemS Periodic Table.

This webinar was chaired by Nicola Armaroli, member of the EuChemS Executive Board, who was the driving force in shaping this event in his capacity as Chair of the EuChemS Task Group on the EuChemS Periodic Table. Over the course of five hours, the speakers from academia, research organisations and the European Commission tackled the carbon cycle, fossil fuel reserves and carbon sequestration and utilization in the energy and chemical sector from different perspectives: research, innovation, policy, economic and political. Furthermore, the attendees were invited to ask the speakers questions as well as answer polls related to the webinar discussions. Their feedback will be carefully considered by the EuChemS Task Group on the EuChemS Periodic Table for follow up actions. Welcome and closing words were given by Floris Rutjes, EuChemS President, who also led the afternoon panel discussion.

In total, 350 registrants attended the webinar which indicates the relevance of sustainability in scientific discourse. EuChemS thanks the speakers for their contribution to the event’s success. Thank you all for joining online, the presentations of the speakers can be downloaded on the EuChemS website! We invite you to watch the recordings of the Morning Session and Afternoon Session on the EuChemS YouTube channel – and consider subscribing!

If you have any questions concerning this webinar, please contact the event coordinator.

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