Upcoming European Union Priorities

The European Parliament, The European Council, and the European Commission have recently agreed on a Joint Declaration on the EU’s legislative priorities for 2018-19. In addition to prioritised legislation from the previous year, this declaration sets out 31 new legislative proposals tabled by the Commission which will be given priority treatment by the Parliament and Council for adoption or substantial progress by the time of the European Parliament elections in 2019. Chemistry relevant proposals include those related with the health of citizens, with a proposal for a directive on the protection of workers from the risks related to exposure to carcinogens or mutagens, as well as circular economy related legislation, with proposals for four new directives on waste. Circular Economy has also been high on EuCheMS agenda, with EuCheMS organising workshops on this topic and participating at EU Circular Economy Missions.
Source: https://ec.europa.eu/

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