Bulgarian Presidency of The Council

The Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU is taking place from January until June 2018 under the motto “united we stay strong”. According to its programme, the Presidency will look into the need of providing adequate infrastructure for education, training, and research and maintain its current level of funding. In the light of the discussions regarding the post Horizon 2020 Programme, the Presidency will organize a European conference “Food 2030” to provide a platform for discussion of the role of science and innovation for the future of food, healthy eating and the use of future food resources. The programme also highlights the mid-term evaluation of the Erasmus+ Programme and the political discussion on its post-2020 future. In terms of environmental policy, the Presidency will focus on the circular economy package, on eco-innovation, and on the improvement of air quality, among others. The Bulgarian Presidency will also prioritize the EU relation with the Western Balkans and the support of EU accession-related reforms in this region namely in the fields of education and research.
Source: https://eu2018bg.bg/

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