EuChemS featured in the first issue of AsiaChem

EuChemS had the honour to contribute to the inaugural issue of AsiaChem with an article on the long-standing EuChemS-FACS collaboration. In this contribution, EuChemS President, Pilar Goya, EuChemS Vice-President, Floris Rutjes and EuChemS Past-President, David Cole-Hamilton, congratulate the Federation of Asian Chemical Societies (FACS) on the 40th anniversary of its foundation and on the introduction of this new Chemistry magazine.

The Editor-in-Chief of AsiaChem is Ehud Keinan, President of the Israel Chemical Society (a EuChemS Member Society), a former member of the EuChemS Executive Board and the awardee of the 2019 EuChemS Award for Service.

The inaugural issue is now available both in print and online HERE.

Read more about EuChemS’ contribution to the first issue of AsiaChem here.

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