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Preparing for Employment in a Global Workforce

From left to right: Laura McConnell (Bayer Crop Science), Reiner Salzer (Technical University of Dresden & EuChemS), Catherine Stihler (European Parliament), Tiffany Hoerter (Agilent Technologies), Sergio Nanita (Dupont), Maria-Jesus Blanco (Sage Therapeutics).

Preparing for employment in a global workforce, a symposium organized by EuChemS and American Chemical Society (ACS), took place on 20 August during the ACS 2017 National Meeting & Exposition in Washington, DC.

As the employment market becomes increasingly global and competition intensifies, it is not sufficient for students to learn and understand chemistry. In this discussion aimed at undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and their professors, we explored ways in which students can be better prepared for employment in the global market. Careers opportunities and trends were discussed from the point of view of experts from government, industry and academia worldwide with a particular emphasis on trends in the United States and Europe. Members of ACS and EuChemS shared results of employment surveys to help better understand the training needs of chemists worldwide.

Speakers included: Sergio Nanita (Dupont), Reiner Salzer (Technical University of Dresden & EuChemS), Tiffany Hoerter (Agilent Technologies), Catherine Stihler (European Parliament), Maria-Jesus Blanco (Sage Therapeutics), Laura McConnell (Bayer Crop Science).

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EuChemS would like to thank to the chair, to all the speakers, and to the audience of Preparing for employment in a global workforce. See you soon at another EuChemS event.