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EuChemS Response to Public Call for Feedback on Missions in the Future Framework Programme 9

EuChemS has responded to the European Commission call for feedback on potential Missions in the post-2020 EU Research & Innovation programme (the future Framework Programme 9 – or FP9).

These ‘Missions’ are currently being viewed as a useful and powerful way of gauging the impact of targeted priorities with a ”clearly defined, measurable target to be achieved through a portfolio of research and innovation actions within a set timeframe”.

EuChemS in its response has highlighted the need for the EU R&I missions to have ambitious but realistic research & innovation actions, the need to be cross-disciplinary, cross-sectoral and cross-actor as well as having clear goals and milestones to measure impact.

Moreover, EuChemS presented eight concrete Missions covering key areas which will face a number of challenges over the coming years. These include Missions on ‘Sustainable Low Carbon Energy For All’, ‘Forming a fit-for purpose Food landscape’, ‘Enabling Our Ageing Population’ and ‘Averting an Antimicrobial Resistance Apocalypse’. If Europe is to ensure strong levels of healthcare and food safety, maintain its competitive edge and scientific innovation, it needs to prioritise scientific research and innovation in the future funding programme.

You can read our response to the feedback call here, and our full Position Paper here.