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Brussels News Updates

The monthly EuChemS Brussels News Updates provide a useful source of information on recent EU chemistry-related activities.

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EuChemS Brussels News Updates March 2016 provides news on the following topics:

• Invitation to #OpenScience event in Amsterdam
• Response to Consultation on Higher Education
• New Research Programme Preparation
• FET Consultation
• … and much more

EuChemS Brussels news Updates February 2016

Science: How Close to Open; Antimicrobial Resistance; FP7 Evaluation; Vehicle Emissions

EuChemS Brussels news Updates January 2016

Dutch Presidency of the Council; Partnership for R&I in the Mediterranean Area; Innovative Communication; Clarification on REACH Joint Costs



2015 Issues of BNU

EuChemS Brussels news Updates December 2015

Circular Economy Package; EU Copyright; Antimicrobial Resistance; Public Consultation on Higher Education

EuChemS Brussels News Updates November 2015

New Scientific Advice Mechanism; Outcomes of the Workshop on Critical Raw Materials; Air Quality; Training & Education Monitor

EuChemS Brussels News Updates October 2015

Solar Driven Chemistry; New Work Programme – H2020; Calls for European Agency Scientific Committees

EuChemS Brussels News Updates September 2015 

22 September Workshop – Protecting Endangered Elements; Cuts to Horizon2020; Western Balkans: More Science, More Integration; EuChemS Contributions to Public Consultations

EuChemS Brussels News Updates August 2015 

Drinking Water Directive Roadmap; ERC Working Programme 2016; Steering Platform on Research in Western Balkan Countries; Erasmus+ New Loan Scheme

EuChemS Brussels News Updates July 2015

Priorities of the Luxembourg Presidency; Resource Scarcity; Roadmap on Horizon 2020 Interim Report;A Youtube for Science

EuChemS Brussels News Updates June 2015

Scientific Community Manages to Change Juncker Plan; Outcomes of EuChemS Recent Events; EU-Japan Cooperation; Public Consultation on Circular Economy

EuChemS Brussels News Updates May 2015

Ypres 1915 – 2015; How Innovative is the EU?; Organometallic and IUPAC Awards; Consultation on the Role of Research in Global Food; Join the Debate: EuChemS Discusses Energy and Jobs

EuChemS Brussels News Updates April 2015

EuChemS Year Book; MOOC; Raw Materials; Ukraine Joins Horizon 2020; EuChemS-CNC Lectures @ Expo 2015

EuChemS Brussels News Updates March 2015

Integrating CO2 in the Value Chain EuChemS workshop; EuChemS at Expo 2015; Reforming R&I systems; Consultation on FP7; Energy Union.

EuChemS Brussels News Updates February 2015

EuChemS Public Letters to President Schulz and President Juncker; EuChemS Workshop on the Value of CO2 – Brussels, 3 March; New Grants to Help Closing the Gap in Research Excellence; New Trends in Education

EuChemS Brussels News Updates January 2015

International Year of Light; Commission Work Programme 2015; What´s New Regarding GMOs in Europe?; Latvian Presidency of the EU; Call for Nominations: EuChemS European Prize for Organometallic Chemistry 2015.

2014 Issues of BNU

EuChemS Brussels News Updates December 2014

Invitation by the new EuChemS President; IUPAC 2015 Distinguished Women – Call for Nominations; Chemistry for the Future of Europe; Employability of Chemists in Europe; Call for Experts.

EuChemS Brussels News Updates November 2014

EuChemS Letter to President Schulz and President Juncker on Climate Change; EuChemS Response to the Public Consultation on Mercury; Public Consultation on Patents and Standards; Erasmus + Partner Search Tool.

EuChemS Brussels News Updates, October 2014

Nobel Prize for Chemistry; EuChemS Position on the Quality of Drinking Water in the EU; Stairway to Excellence; Erasmus+; Knowledge Alliance.

EuChemS Brussels News Updates, September 2014

5th EuChemS Chemistry Congress; New Commissioner for Research Innovation and Science; European Researchers Night; Selection of Horizon 2020 Calls; Public Consultation: Mercury.

EuChemS Brussels News Updates, August 2014

Results of public consultation on phosphorus; New record set for number of Erasmus students and trainees; ERC work programme for 2015; Consultation on how to optimise water reuse in the EU; Commission outlines measures to increase jobs in green economy.

EuChemS Brussels News Updates, July 2014

Italy takes over presidency of the EU; Public-private partnerships under Horizon 2020; Network on hydrocarbon extraction; Circular economy; Public consultation on research and innovation.

EuChemS Brussels News Updates, June 2014

New university ranking system launched in Europe; Regulation of Access to Research Findings; M-ERA.NET Call 2014 with Topics in Materials and Engineering launched; Selected Horizon 2020 calls; Roadmap: Proposal for an implementing act on the introduction of a European Professional Card for particular professions.

EuChemS Brussels News Updates, May 2014

European Commission publishes European map of regulated profession; Soil contamination: progress report on the managment of contaminated sites; Public consultation on the Europe 2020 strategy; Selected Horizon 2020 calls; Calls for EuChemS Awards.

EuChemS Brussels News Updates, April 2014

EU scientific programme for Expo 2015 in the making: work kicks off; EuChemS responded to public consultations; Public consultation on introducing the European Professional Card; 5th EuChemS Chemistry Congress.

EuChemS Brussels News Updates March 2014

EU countries in favour of GMO compromise; European Institute of Innovation and Technology: new opportunities; Research and Innovation as a new source of growth; Innovation performance: EU member states and international competitors compared.

EuChemS Brussels News Updates February 2014

EuChemS-STOA Workshop on energy storage; Member states urged to improve quality checks in universities and vocational colleges; CCS is back on the European Commission agenda; Horizon 2020 calls; Consultation on the progress towards the 2020 energy efficiency objectives.

EuChemS Brussels News Updates January 2014

International Year of Crystallography; ERA Progress Report 2013;On-line web platform on nanomaterials; Horizon 2020 calls; Consultation on European Area of Skills and Qualifications.

2013 Issues of BNU

EuChemS Brussels News Updates, December 2013

Horizon 2020 launched; Experts sought for Horizon 2020; Green light for Erasmus+; Dedicated EU support for small companies.

EuChemS Brussels News Updates, November 2013

EuChemS response to public Consultation on Ground Water Directive; New President of ERC; Global Mercury Treaty; Tax incentives for research.

EuChemS Brussels News Updates, October 2013

Horizon2020; Open access; European professional qualification card; Education goes digital; ERC calls 2014.

EuChemS Brussels News Update, September 2013

Open access to research publications; Bridging the science-policy communication gap; New innovation indicator; Community framework for state aid for R&D&I; “A product passport”?

EuChemS Brussels News Update, August 2013

Horizon 2020; CCS funding; EU pushes through United Patent Court; Consultation on Groundwater Directive; Roadmap 2030: climate and energy policies.

EuChemS Brussels News Update, July 2013

Irish clinch deal on EU’s ‘Horizon 2020’ research programme; European Commission appoints the members of the Bioeconomy Panel; Public-private partnerships in Horizon 2020: a powerful tool to deliver on innovation; Agreement on COSME gives €2B boost to small businesses; Consultation on the modification of the REACH annexes on nanomaterials

EuChemS Brussels News Update, June 2013

Green week: good air quality for all; Agreement on the modernisation of the Professional Qualification Directive; Nano regulation debate; ‘Youth in action’ programme

EuChemS Brussels News Update May 2013

Interactive map of research infrastructures;Dual education schemes; Smarter rules for safer food; Changes to biofuels; ERC calls; Opening up education; Erasmus for young entrepreneurs

EuChemS Brussels News Update, April 2013

Making EU more attractive for foreign students and researchers; EPS study on the importance of physics to the economies of Europe; Green paper “A 2030 framework for climate and energy policies” (consultation); Review of waste policy and legislation (roadmap)

EuChemS Brussels News Update, March 2013

Further negotiations on 2014-2020 budget; EC new advisory group on science and technology; Single European patent signed; Public consultation on the Green paper on Plastic Waste

EuChemS Brussels News Update, February 2013

EU 2014-2020 budget approved; Professional qualifications: IMCO moving ahead; EU cutting mercury emissions; Experts for Horizon2020 advisory groups; Fuel cells and hydrogen joint undertaking call for proposals; European Metrology programme for innovation and research (EMPIR)

EuChemS Brussels News Update, January 2013

European Research Area Fabric Map published; Tracking exposure to environmental pollutants; Search starts for next President of the European Research Council; NANOfutures roadmap release; Public consultation on the protection of business and research know-how; Innovation survey: Highest proportions of innovative enterprises in Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium

2012 Issues of BNU

EuChemS Brussels News Update, December 2012

Horizon2020: the discussion continues; New Rethinking education strategy presented by the Commission; EU patent got the final nod by the ParliamentEuropean gender summit 2012; FP7 Marie Curie career integration grantsLife long learning programme 2013; Communication on a strategy for the internationalisation of higher education; Concern over CCS financial difficulties; R&D scoreboard: despite crisis, top EU firms continue to invest in innovation

EuChemS Brussels News Update, November 2012

Open access to FP7 peer-reviewed articles and other publications; Time running short for agreement on €80 billion Horizon 2020 package; FP7 Marie Curie 2013 Call for Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways (IAPP); Communication on regulated professions: preparing the transparency and mutual evaluation exercise with Member States; European Commission Communication on industrial policy

EuChemS Brussels News Update, October 2012

Europe must operate a ‘circular economy’ to improve resource efficiency; No new legislation on nanomaterials; The attractiveness of the EU for top scientists; EU launches prize for innovative public authorities

Enhancing and focusing EU international cooperation in research and innovation: a strategic approach

EuChemS Brussels News Update September 2012

EP gives final green light to energy efficiency directive; Consultation on research infrastructures; REACH update; The 2012 survey on R&D investment business trends

EuChemS Brussels News Update, August 2012

A Reinforced European Research Area Partnership; Global innovation index 2012; 2012 Report on implementation of the Bologna process; Last FP7 calls; Consultation on “Opening up Education”

EuChemS Brussels News Update, July 2012

New skills and jobs; Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the European Union; EU campaign challenging stereotypes of science; Energy efficiency as business opportunity; Consultation on the preparation of the fuel cells and hydrogen joint technology initiative under Horizon 2020

EuChemS Brussels News Update, June 2012

Europe at the lead of the new industrial revolution; Every drop counts; European Forum for science and industry; Consultation on Industrial Policy Communication 2012; PPPs are important

EuChemS Brussels News Update, May 2012

Scientific support for growth, jobs and sustainability; The European Research Council and Horizon 2020; Marie Curie calls; Consultation on environment policy options for the blueprint to safeguard Europe’s waters; Communication on the internal market action plan

EuChemS Brussels News Update, Apr 2012

Euro-Mediterranean cooperation in research and innovation; EU report questions conventional biofuels’ sustainability;ERASMUS for young entrepreneurs; Intelligent energy Europe; Consultation on EU environment policy priorities 2020

EuChemS Brussels News Update, March 2012

The European Research Council marks five years of funding; Science for innovation; ESOF 2012 programme launched; Revision of the limit values for lead in toys; New EU rules for “organic wine”; Faster access to medicines for patients

EuChemS Brussels News Update, February 2012

ERA 2012 conference “Fostering Efficiency, Excellence and Growth”; On line survey on scientific information in the digital age; Professional qualifications directive 2005/36/EC; European Metrology Research Programme (EMRP) Call 2012; Enterprises must boost innovation as global competition becomes stronger.

EuChemS Brussels News Update, January 2012

The Danish Presidency of the Council of the European Union; ECHA 2011 Milestones; European City of Science 2012; Consultation on review of R&D&I rules; Bringing research results to the market.

2011 Issues of BNU

EuChemS Brussels News Update, December 2011

EuChemS contribution to ERA consultation; Energy Efficiency Directive; Fifth World Science Forum; Closing of the International Year of Chemistry; High-Level conference on challenges and opportunities for EU industry.

EuChemS Brussels News Update, November 2011

Commission launches a campaign on resource efficiency; European Commission adopts common “nanomaterial” definition; “Chemistry for a better life” – STOA workshop with EuChemS contribution; European perspectives in personalised medicine; R&D investment continues to grow in EU.

EuChemS Brussels News Update October 2011

Consultation on Modernising the professional qualifications directive; European Union contest for young scientists; REACH conference; Towards pan-European joint programming; “Chemistry for a better life” – STOA Workshop.

EuChemS Brussels News Update, September 2011

“Tomorrow starts with chemistry”, exhibition by the European Commission; European innovation summit; Review of the REACH regulation; The first European gender summit; The largest ever consultation on science and research.

EuChemS Brussels News Update, August 2011

Polish Presidency of the EU Council; Analysis of public consultation on the Green Paper on a Common Strategic Framework for future EU Research and Innovation Funding; The European Research Council: its future; Key Enabling Technologies to spur Europe’s technological leadership; FP7 calls for proposals

EuChemS Brussels News Update, July 2011

Polish Presidency of the EU Council; Analysis of public consultation on the Green Paper on a Common Strategic Framework for future EU Research and Innovation Funding; The European Research Council: its future; Key Enabling Technologies to spur Europe’s technological leadership; FP7 calls for proposals

EuChemS Brussels News Update, June 2011

Conference on the Common Strategic Framework for EU research and innovation funding; How blue is your country?; FP7 Calls: Joint Technology Initiative; Helping EU industries to speed up carbon efficiency ; The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) launches 4th Call for proposals; Strategic vision for European Standards and a corresponding EU legislation

EuChemS Brussels News Update, May 2011

EuChemS responds to the Consultation on the Future of the Research and Innovation Programme; SusChem launches 4 European Innovation Partnerships; New European Infrastructure for the Biological Sciences and Energy; New EU-funded food safety project launched; FP7 Draft Health Programme

EuChemS Brussels News Update, April 2011

European Institute of Innovation and Technology – Strategic Innovation Agenda; European Council reaffirms commitment to Research and Innovation; Europe’s Nuclear Power Stations to be stress-tested; Commission publishes report on socio-economic aspects of GMO cultivation in Europe; Best practices in Starting Grants report; ECHA multi-annual work programme 2012-2014 consultation

EuChemS Brussels News Update, March 2011

‘FP8’ and roadmap for chemical sciences; EuChemS at Women in Science, Budapest ; Common Strategic Framework for EU Research and Innovation Funding; EIT set out their Roadmap to create a Strategic Innovation Agenda; GMOs: Commission organises a debate on risk assessment and management

EuChemS Brussels News Update, February 2011

Commission invites EuChemS to High Level Group discussions; Commission consults on the future of Research and Innovation Programme; Europe 2020 Strategy: “A Resource-Efficient Europe”; Commission calls for action on commodities and raw materials; ERC selects new Scientific Council members

EuChemS Brussels News Update, January 2011

EuChemS pre-consultation views on future of the EU research programme; European Science Foundation and EUROHORCS to join forces; New EU flagship initiative – Agenda for new skills and jobs; Research: OpenAIRE opens access to EU scientific results; Graduate Employability Eurobarometer Survey; Dioxin in Feed, Germany, how did the incident start? Frequently asked questions

2010 Issues of BNU

EuChemS Brussels News Update, December 2010

EuChemS Expert Group responds to nano-definition consultation; FP7 Interim Evaluation Report; ERC – Council of the European Union calls for more excellence; Europe 2020 strategy implementation report; Compendium results of EU-funded research on genetically modified crops; Global portal to information on chemical substances

EuChemS Brussels News Update, November 2010

Commission Work Programme 2011; ERC reviews governance structures for FP8; Commissioner Geoghegan-Quinn promotes Innovation Union; New energy strategy towards 2020; ERC annoucne call for Advanced Investigators Grant

EuChemS Brussels News Update, October 2010

Innovation Union Flagship; European Research Area FP8 brainstorm; EU Budget Review and Research; Youth on the Move Flagship; Scientific edata sharing; CEFIC facts and figures 2010; Commission water policy review 2012

EuChemS Brussels News Update, September 2010

European Research Council Scientific Council Nominations; Researchers’ Night 2010; Cloning Food Production; New Directive on Animal Testing; New report Education at a glance 2010

EuChemS Brussels News Update, August 2010

FP7 – Europe’s Biggest Ever Package of Research and Innovation Investment; JRC Announces Strategy for the Next Ten Years; European Parliament asks JRC, what is a nanomaterial?; Confidentiality of IUPAC names in the Classification and Labelling Inventory; Chemicals Agency Updates Safety Assessment Software; Matthias Beller wins European Sustainable Chemistry Award

EuChemS Brussels News Update, July 2010

10 key recommendations to improve the European Research Area; Commission Work Programme 2011; Simplification of FP7; Communication Nanotechnology: ‘An Action-Packed Roadmap Towards a Brand New Dialogue’; Report identifies shortage of 14 critical Mineral Raw Materials

EuChemS Brussels News Update, June 2010

European Research Area, New Joint Programming Initiatives; European Food Safety Agency seeks Scientific Experts; Strategic Energy Technology – Plan: Launch of 4 European Industrial Initiatives; Strong Growth anticipated for Chemicals Industry; LERU (League of European Research Universities) puts forward paper on FP8; ERC Starter Grants; Draft Work Programme 2011, NMP – Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and New Production Technologies

EuChemS Brussels News Update, May 2010

Boosting research by cutting research funding red tape; Industry projects to grab EU energy research funds; Science to help combat poverty; Research and Innovation Strategy; MEPs agree tighter rules on industrial pollution; EU to revamp Clinical Trials Directive; AXLR8 launched with €500K FP7 funding to replace animal tests; Geoghegan-Quinn promises to “finish the job” on single EU patent

EuChemS Brussels News Update, April 2010

New European Commission and REACH; ‘Chemical cocktails’; EU considers changing REACH chemicals law; Spain pledges progress on research infrastructures; Finance ministers want 3% R&D target ditched; European Research Council slams EU bureaucracy; EU plans measures to curb demand for natural resources; Intelligent Energy: 2010 Call for Proposals

EuChemS Brussels News Update, March 2010

European Parliament: extra funding and research base enlargement; New ERC President; Competitiveness Council; Europe 2020 Strategy; Patent problems; New EUA report underlines impact of Bologna; Reforms on Europe’s universities; LERU calls for reshaping of PhDs; ERC timeframe for evaluation of 2010 Starting Grant

EuChemS Brussels News Update, February 2010

European Parliament approves new European Commission; Two new Directorates-General for Energy and Climate Action; Commissioners mull joint innovation paper; Science and Donostia-San Sebastián Declaration; European Industrial Initiatives; Public Consultation: White spirits, Fuberidazoleand Thiacloprid; Research: EU governments in funding tug-of-war; LERU calls for measures to strengthen research; careers in Europe; Chinato lead world scientific research by 2020; Europeans understand food labels but don’t use info

EuChemS Brussels News Update, January 2010

Spain takes over EU Council Presidency; Parliamentary hearing: Commissioner designate for Research, Innovation and Science; Tackling ‘Chemical cocktails’; Debate on biocides directive; First three KICs launched; OECD report highlights increasingly global nature of research

2009 Issues of BNU

EuChemS Brussels News Update January 2009

Economy, Energy, External relations are Czech Presidency priorities; R&D priorities and Bologna in Czech Presidency; Joint Programming Initiatives to be adopted by 2010; Official launch of European Year of Creativity and Innovation (EYCI); Pesticides legislation approved; EU Member States approve global rules for labelling of chemicals; Launch of bio-waste management debate; New Technology Platform urges support for organic food research; Science is highly valued by EU citizens; European Parliament focuses on teaching quality in education reform; Calls for expert evaluators of FP7

EuChemS Brussels News Update February 2009

Proposals for global agreement on climate change; EU to urge chemicals sector to improve R&D; Parliament backs plans for bold EU energy strategy; Commission adopts Lisbon Strategy recommendations; EU on right track, but R&D investment stagnating; Investing in research; IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency) launched; Commission to push university-business links; Europe’s fusion researchers access supercomputing infrastructur; Europe-wide pension reform for researchers; Sustainable Development: a challenge for European Research, May 2009; New calls for proposals, including Erasmus Mundus joint programmes

EuChemS Brussels News Update March 2009

Cohesion Policy backs “green economy”; Renewable energy highlighted in the EU energy security agenda; Commission to launch European Research Council review; Pesticide review programme completed; ‘Erasmus’ for SMEs; Food safety and nanotech risks; Water, Energy and Climate Interlinked; Pan-European network of microbiological resources; CORDIS launches Cofunded Calls page; Next COST Open Call; Conference on innovation and the economy

EuChemS Brussels News Update April 2009

Council adopts climate and energy package; Consultation on the future of The Lisbon Strategy after 2010; Research Infrastructures and the Regional Dimension of the European Research Area; Consultation on ERC’s structures and mechanisms; Review of Framework Programme 6; MEPs define nanomaterials and approve new rules for cosmetics; Green science to save the economy; Next steps for a unified patent litigation system; Call: proposals under the ‘Intelligent Energy- Europe’ Programme; World forum backs water as ‘basic need’; New Science for Environment Policy website and archive

EuChemS Brussels News Update May 2009

Increase in funding for Research and Innovation in the EU budget 2010; Scientific Hearing on Nanotechnology – Launch of Public Consultation; European Patent Office announces plans for quality improvements; How European students perceive Higher Education in Europe; The Bologna Process – reforming universities in the next decade; Proposal for animal testing limits without impeding scientific progress; Potocnik: Europe must lead ‘green revolution’; European Research Council set for growth, says president; REACH chief: Companies ‘failing to properly register chemicals’; European Institute of Innovation and Technology call for independent experts launched

EuChemS Brussels News Update June 2009

SMEs and funding from FP7; European Chemicals Agency Stakeholders day; Chemicals and the Baltic region; Safer Chemical Management; Putting European R&D at the service of sustainable development; Acceptance of United Nations draft climate treaty; Collaborative industry/academic PhDs on the rise; €246 million for a fast development of better medicines

EuChemS Brussels News Update July 2009

Swedish Presidency Priorities; Sustainable Nuclear Energy technology platform and its SRA; Commission adopts template for National Renewable Energy Action Plans; EU biowaste directive; Eco-efficiency roadmap for Europe; Chemical sector claims positive role in climate change; Report on pesticide residues in food; Tackling nanotoxicology dilemma; R&D can secure Europe’s future; Education at the heart of EU innovation ‘manifesto’

EuChemS Brussels News Update August 2009

EU-African Union Scientific Partnership: 63 million to support research for Africa; Consultation on the simplification of the EU RTD Framework Programmes; ERC Guide for Applicants: updated version 2009 is now available online; European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT); CREST report: Internationalisation of R&D; Guide on how to approach IP issues in CIP (Competitiveness and Innovation Framework; Programme) projects; €610 million to support 106 new health research projects; Europeans and the environmental impact of products

EuChemS Brussels News Update September 2009

Innovative Medicines Initiative; Joining forces in the development of alternative solutions to animal testing; EU chemicals law ‘spells surge in animal testing’, costs; EU medical trials law ‘putting brakes on science’ ; Innovation policy review highlights achievements and challenges; SMEs want patent protection at heart of ‘EU Innovation Act’; Fourth status report on European technology platforms; Technology transfer – What is the best structure for a university’s technology transfer office?; Avatars to be used in new science education software; Gender in EU-funded research – Training opportunities; Call for proposals for Marie Curie Initial Training Networks launched

EuChemS Brussel News Update October 2009

Plans for a chief scientific advisor; European Institute of Technology appoints first director; EU to review nanomaterials policies; Commission calls for additional €50bn in low carbon technologies; ERAB calls for ‘new renaissance’ in Europe; EU R&D funding agency overwhelmed with applications; European Dreams: Science in 2030; Call for proposals for Marie Curie European Re-integration Grants

EuChemS Brussels News Update November 2009

ERC: Administrative and organisational changes; Brussels plans ‘major review’ of EU spending priorities; What next in Brussels?; Buzek calls for creation of EU Energy Community; SMEs not seeing benefits of green stimulus; EU and digital copyright; New ‘autonomy scorecard’ to rank European Universities; Science and the new EU-US Energy Council; Evaluating the dangers of nanomaterials

EuChemS Brussels News Update December 2009

The Treaty of Lisbon; Public consultation on the future EU 2020 strategy ; Competitiveness Council and research; New portfolios for the next Commission; New EU health chief seizes control of pharma policy; Experts urge for changes to European research and innovation policy; EU and Russia to harmonise intellectual property rights; Gender imbalance in science

2008 Issues of BNU

EuChemS Brussels News Update January 2008

EU Presidency: Priorities for Research, Future of Research Funding, ERC Scientific Council Guidelines for Open Access, European Research Council awards first grants, Lead Market Initiative to Unlock Innovative Markets, Commission Takes Steps to Cut Industrial Emissions Further, Ministers Want Progress on Human Biomonitoring, Development of Novel Foods

EuChemS Brussels News Update February 2008

Commission Climate & Energy Proposals; Future of Research Funding – Beyond 2010; Code of Conduct for Responsible Nanosciences; Taking Forward the ERA; FP7 one year on; Potocnik Supports ‘Sensible’ Biofuels Production; Piebalgs Responds to Biofuels Criticism; Improved European System for Environmental Information; Limited Progress on Energy Savings; EU Carbon Storage Proposals; Pesticides ‘Crucial’ for EU Food Supply; New Rules for Toys; Commission proposals on food labelling; Ethics – Cloning Animals for Food

EuChemS Brussels News Update March 2008

Competitiveness Council urges increased research spending and coordination; strategic Energy Technology Plan Gets Green Light; Commission planning new initiatives on energy efficiency in 2008; Member states outline research and innovation priorities; Research infrastructure and the Lisbon objectives; Modernisation of Universities; New Forum to Strengthen University – Business Cooperation; Two JTIs to boost Europe’ s competitiveness; Joint Action to Battle Greenhouse Emissions; Alliances for Exploring Toxicity; REACH Metals Gateway; Autonomy and Accountability of University Activities; A new watchdog on teaching standards; EU and Methane to Markets Partnership; Nanotech faces moral opposition in the US; Beauty, Safety and the Nanoworld

EuChemS Brussels News Update April 2008

Spring Summit; Shift in the focus of Lisbon Agenda; The Fifth Freedom; Energy and Climate Change; 2009 to be European Year of Creativity and Innovation; Ban on mercury imports and exports by 2010?; Disagreement over pesticide substances;Possible VAT cuts on green goods; European Business and Technology Centre in New Delhi, India; Joint action to monitor impact of climate change in ACP countries; A landmark in ERA: Trans-Domain Proposals; Mix and Match: new EU guide to research funding ; Research infrastructures: from ideas to practice; Over €21 million for Science in society; MEPs vote on scientific data on climate change; Chemical classification; New EU global green energy fund endorsed; EU and biofuels; Green light to the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT); Warning over EU’s ageing science workforce; Unchanged R&D spending

EuChemS Brussels News Update May 2008

Twin city headquarters’ for EIT headquarters?; Further delays on EU decision on GM crops; Boosting the competitiveness of Europe’s pharmaceutical industry; PRs and the climate problem; Towards a European Observatory on Nanotechnologies; European Chemicals Agency takes over; New chapter opens in EU-China Climate Change Partnership; Labelling ‘greener’ products; Converting knowledge into socio-economic benefit; Harmonising EU chemical classification practices with international standards; Tougher EU-wide water quality standards; EU leads way in nanotech risk research; ERA-NET 2008 Call; European Research Area Board members appointed; New Unique Registration Facility launched; EU eyes stricter standards for biofuel imports; Clean coal technologies and Carbon capture and storage in South Africa; ‘No quality without equality’; ‘Ljubljana Process’ and ERA; REACH: EU firms urged to register chemicals; Water scarcity concerns growing; Adoption of European Qualifications Framework (EQF); Initiative to facilitate mobility in vocational education and training

EuChemS Brussels News Update June 2008

New partnership for researchers; EFSA invites leading scientists to sign up to its new expert database; Progress for research; REACH pre-registration phase begins; EU contributes EUR 40 million to fight against infectious diseases; Third European Grid Initiative in Switzerland; Future priorities for improving the quality of doctoral education in Europe; South African scientists access European research via EMBC agreement; European Patent System and Red Tape; EU and Russia strengthen scientific ties; Agreement reached on EU mercury export ban; Co-operation to be intensified; Tougher EU-wide water quality standards; MEPs vs food additives; Parliament calls for greater gender parity in science; Environment Committee takes tough line on airline emissions; MEPs give go-ahead to Fuel Cells and Hydrogen JTI

EuChemS Brussels News Update July 2008

MEPs vote on Strategic Energy Technology Plan; G8 ministers pledge to boost low carbon research funding; Agriculture Ministers adopt Plant Protection Product Regulation; Commission launches public dialogue on nanotechnologies; modernising the rules on food additives and labelling of azo dyes; EURAXESS ; ERA-Link with Japan launched; Law and nanomaterials; French presidency and its priorities; Single access point to research careers in Europe launched; ERC receives over 2,000 applications for Advanced Grants; ESF and EUROHORCs: joint vision for European Research Area; Revision of waste directive; Tougher water quality standards; Budapest wins race for EIT seat; New Research Infrastructures portal launched; Cooperation, Schools and the 21st Century; Universities for children and Europe

Brussels News Update August 2008

EIT Governing Board Appointed, ERC Advanced Grant recipients announced, A legal framework for European research infrastructures, Commission unveils plans for cooperation between national research programmes, European SET Plan and 2020 energy climate objectives, EU and NZ strengthen science ties , EU supporting stars of tomorrow through Eurostars, Europe hot on the heels of wind power development, EU green-lights airline emission cutbacks, A package of actions for sustainable products and technologies, Universities face ‘mission overload’, says report, ‘Ideas’ calls for proposals published, First call for Innovative Medicines Initiative a success, France braces itself for busy green agenda, Research integrity well guarded in most European countries

Brussels News Update September 2008

Commission launches open access pilot project; Practical Guide to EU research funds; European energy policy reviewed; ERC Advanced Grant recipients announced; European Union Contest for Young Scientists; Catalogue of first FP7 environment projects published; Call for proposals for ESF Research Conferences; ERC’s Starting Grants: second call; Several FP7 calls launched; COST open call; Next deadline for pre-proposals

Brussels News Update October 2008

New international strategy for science and technology; Parliament votes on climate-energy package; Public Consultation on ESFA’s Strategic Plan 2009-2013; From Canditate list to Authorisation list; European Technology Platforms evaluated; Europe must act now to adapt to climate change, says new report; Call for proposals: Marie Curie Re-integration grants; Academic Enterprise Awards Europe 2008; Industry leaders team up on science and maths education

Brussels News Update November 2008

Blue card scheme backed by MEPs; European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) is launched; MEPs advance climate vote; New international agency to promote renewable energies; Safety first for pesticides; Erasmus Mundus; EU business R&D spending still on the increase; Broadening participation in higher education; Waste-to-Energy: A new framework for waste management in the EU; COST call for proposals for cooperation in the field of research; Does Framework Work?

Brussels News November Supplement

November 25 – Calls for Proposals launched by the European Commission

Brussels News Update December 2008

European Research Area: ‘Vision 2020’; Research in Budget 2009 ; Political Agreement on renewable energy ; Future policy goals & Climate Change; Ten new EU research infrastructures; FLABEL: (Food labelling) a new look at nutritional labels; Young people, science and scientific careers; ResearchGATE: the scientific Facebook

2007 Issues of BNU

EuChemS Brussels News Update January 2007

Final Approval for FP7; FP7 Calls for Proposals Launched; Council Pushes for Prompt Action on EIT; Parliament Votes for Clear Targets for Future EU Energy Policy; German EU Presidency; Research Priorities for German EU Presidency; Biotech Industry Sets Out New Policy Agenda Reassurance on JTIs; China’s R&D Spending ‘Stunning’

EuChemS Brussels News Update February 2007

Commission Publishes Energy-Climate Change ‘Package’, Strategic Energy Technology Plan, Growing criticism of biofuels, Review of European Research Area, Politicians ‘ignore scientific results’, EURAB supports open access, New guidelines for science communication

EuChemS Brussels News Update March 2007

EU Energy Research Lacks Focus,European Research Council Launch, Scrap Funds for ‘Dirty Energy’, Consultation on Carbon-Storage Risks to Be Launched, Lisbon Goals Need Revised Energy Policy, Car Manufacturers Face Mandatory Emissions Cuts, New Fuel Quality Standards, Commission Policy on Open Access, More Research Needed On Nanotech Safety, Ethical Procedure for Stem Cell Research, EU Ministers Support Restrictions on Pesticides, Waste Recycling Provisions

EuChemS Brussels News Update April 2007

Energy ‘Package’ Launched, ‘Sea-Change’ in EU Energy Research, Research Measures Agreed at Spring Council, Barroso Confident on EIT, Online Preparation and Submission of FP7 Proposals, Germany Introduces EU Scientific Visa Law, Commission Launches Debate on ‘Green’ Tax Reform

EuChemS Brussels News Update May 2007

EIT – Smaller and Slower, EuChemS debates sustainable energy solutions, European Research Area – Green Paper, Huge Demand for First ERC Starting Grants, New Intellectual Property Charter, R&D Subsidies for Large Companies, Stem-Cell Ethics,Biotechnology Strategy Mid-Term Review, University-Business Knowledge Transfer, EU Patent Law Initiative, Balanced Approach to Developing Nanotechnology

EuChemS Brussels News Update June 2007

EIT- Basic Agreement Likely Soon, Parliament Hears Criticism of EIT Proposal, Commission Consultation on the European Research Area (ERA), First Joint Technology Initiatives, Infrastructure Roadmap, REACH Enters Into Force, Parliament Doubles List of Toxic Chemicals, Parliament Doubles List of Toxic Chemicals, Commission Ducks RenewablesTargets, Coal Subsidies Maintained Until 2010, Using the Framework Programme and Structural Funds

EuChemS Brussels News Update July 2007

ERC Grants Hugely Oversubscribed, Conditional Backing for EIT, Finance for ‘Risky’ Projects, Opposition to EU Biofuels Rush, ERA Debate, Concerns about Nanomaterials, Transport Sector Must Reduce GHGs, Lack of Support for Business RD Investment, EU States Urged to Develop Research Infrastructures, EU Nuclear Energy Debates, Germany Urged to Reconsider Nuclear Phase-Out, EU’s REACH Law Enters into Force, Biomonitoring – ‘Controversial’ Science, Science Education, Ministers Boost Euro-Mediterranean Research Cooperation, Three Western Balkan countries and Turkey join FP7

EuChemS Brussels News Update August 2007

ERC Starting Grants, Commission Consultation: Responsible Nano Research, Ethics Group Opinion: Human Embryonic Stem Cell Use, Portuguese Presidency Priorities, Research on Biofuel Technologies, Green Paper: Knowledge Gap on Climate Change, MEPs Call for Strong Renewables Policy, Mobility of Scientists Still Limited, Wider Society Involvement ‘Crucial’

EuChemS Brussels News Update September 2007

Commission too Top-Down on Research, ERC Recommendations on the ERA, COST Budget Increase in FP7, WHO Report on Children’s Exposure to Chemicals, ‘Wake-up Call’ on Energy Savings, Renewables – EU’s ‘Most Dynamic’ Industries, German Climate Plan, ‘YouTube for scientists’

EuChemS Brussels News Update October 2007

New High-Level Group on Chemicals’ Competitiveness, EP Votes to Support EIT, ERA Green Paper – Consultation Results, Progress Report on Nanotechnology, Food ETP unveils Strategic Research Agenda, Sustainable Nuclear Energy Research Platform Launched, JTI Decision in November, EP Calls for Better Funding of Renewable Energy Research, Renewables: Parliament wants binding sectoral targets, OECD warns against biofuels, 1.4 billion for UK Energy Research, First RSFF Projects Focus on Energy Technologies, Coordinating Systems Biology Research, Boosting Research-Regional Policy Links, Revision of Rules on Animal Experimentation?

EuChems Brussels News Update November 2007

Lack of Progress on Lisbon Education Objectives, EU Productivity Growth Outstrips US, Energy Proposals Delayed, Sustainability of Biofuels,Commission Voices Support for Nuclear Power, EU Economy ‘Not Sustainable’, EQF Approved by Parliament, Commission Support for Fuel Cells and Hydrogen JTI, Researcher Visa, Tightening Pollution Controls, Pesticides: Parliament Extends Banned List, NoEs Call for Additional EU Support, Chemicals in Medical Devices – Phthalates, New EUR1.2 billion Accelerator Facility

EuChemS Brussels News Update December 2007

ERC Flagship Grant Scheme Launched, Commission Confident of EIT Progress, New EU Renewables Law, Strategic Energy Technology Plan, Philanthropic Contributions to Research, ERA – Call for More Flexibility, New CCS Directive, Carbon Emissions and Competitiveness, New CCS Test Plant, Research Funding for Car Industry, Stronger EU-China Research Collaboration, Several FP7 calls launched

2006 Issues of BNU

EuChemS Brussels News Update July 2006

Key steps towards FP7, EuCheMs at the European Parliament, ERC invites nominations for experts, Council welcomes progress on Lisbon Strategy, Finnish Presidency of the EU, Importance of robust science for policy-making, Major public event to launch FP7, Europeans more optimistic about biotechnology commission consultation on welfare of laboratory animals, workshop. Rome, Italy, Brussels Workshop: Getting Ready for Framework 7

EuChemS Brussels News Update August 2006

EuChemS and ERC, Mixed reviews for ‘evolved’ EIT proposal, CORDIS Presidency Information Service, REACH in force by April 2006, European Roadmap for Research Infrastructures, Stem cell compromise allows approval of FP7 by Ministers, EURAB criticizes EU international research policy, German research funding to rise, Towards a European digital library, Testing biotechnology opinion, Philosophy of risk in practical risk assessment, Stockholm, FP7 training sessions, France, Workshop: explaining the Seventh Framework Programme

EuChemS Brussels News Update September 2006

11 Sept 2006 – Includes ERC Secretary General announcement and growth in business R&D Investment Forecast

EuChemS Brussels News Update October 2006

Further Progress on FP7, Euroscience Criticises European Institute of Technology, ICT Industry Gives Backing to EIT, Carbon Free Sources ‘Backbone’ of Future EU Energy Policy Roadmap, Energy-Saving Plan Delayed, New Commission Innovation Plan, ‘Science-Teaching Must Be Innovative’, Widening Access to European Research Information, Future EU International Research Cooperation, Proposal for EU Medicines Research Academy

EuChemS Brussels News Update November 2006

10 Nov 2006 – Includes EIT gets ‘Green Light’ from summit, ERC Work Programme, FP7 Specific Programme, China-EU Co-operation

EuChemS Brussels News Update December 2006

18 Dec 2006 – Includes FP7 Final Approval, REACH – Final Approval Close, State Aid for Innovation and R&D, First EU Defence R&D Programme, Conference on Research for Sustainable Development in Europe, New EU Task Force on Science Education, Attracting Foreign R&D Investment and Greater Push for EU Competitiveness