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Page Builder Component

Page Builder Component

Page Builder Component

Page builder divided to 3 types

  1. Wrapper Item
  2. Content / Post Type Item
  3. Media Item

Wrapper Item

Wrapper item is the container which allow you to changes the size, layout and style of the displayed item. It divided to 4 different main component.

  1. Full Width : Allows you to display the content out of the container area. ( full width across window screen )
  2. Color Wrapper : Allows you to changes the section background color.
  3. Background Wrapper : Allows you to put custom image or select predefined pattern as background. There’re also option to move background while you scroll ( parallax ) the site as well
  4. Column Wrapper : Allows the ability to divide the item to columns. Can put this item inside Background Wrapper and Color Wrapper

Once you add the full width, color or background ( not column ) wrapper item, you can click the gear sign to edit the item parameter

Content / Post Type / Media item

This is an item which display the actual content on your site. You can put these item within the wrapper item. Here’s the list of all content / post type and media item ( you can click the link to view image in lightbox )

Once you add the item, you can click the gear sign to edit the item parameter.

Page Item Area

We have 3 sections for page item area.

  1. Above Sidebar Section
  2. Content (With Sidebar) Section
  3. Below Sidebar Section

See how it works here…