The future of scholarly communications

In January 2019, an Expert Group tasked with advising the European Commission on open science released a report on a future vision for scholarly communications. The report contextualised the current landscape when it comes to scholarly publishing and communications, together with an analysis of perceived shortcomings and a list of recommendations for the various players involved and impacted. Members of the Open Science Policy Platform (OSPP), a high-level task force in which EuChemS is represented by Executive Board Member Wolfram Koch, were asked by the European Commission to prepare a response and remarks on the report. Watch this space for EuChemS’ take on the future of scholarly communications.

In November 2018, EuChemS published a Position Paper on Plan S, a plan set up by a coalition of science funders and supported by the European Commission to push through a rapid transition to open access publishing. You can read the EuChemS Position here.

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