Science meets Parliaments

For the third time, Members of the European Parliament, policy-makers from EU institutions, Member States, national parliaments and regional authorities meet scientists and representatives of the academia, research institutes and universities at the annual “Science meets Parliaments” gathering. This year’s edition focuses on the role of science in a post-fact society. The event, organized jointly by the Joint Research Centre with the European Parliament’s Science and Technology Options Assessment (STOA) panel, promotes the culture of evidence-informed policy-making on the EU, national and regional level. Science Meets Parliaments also launched the 2017´s Member of the European Parliament (MEP)-Scientists Pairing Scheme. This scheme consists of bilateral meetings between MEPs and scientists and participation of scientists in Parliament Committees. This project familiarises MEPs with the latest scientific developments in their field of interest and allows scientists to experience the complexity of political decision-making. This year, Member of the EuCheMS Executive Board Pavel Drašar used this opportunity to meet with his 2016 paired MEP, Pavel Poc.

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