Science/Business initiative to balance innovation between regions

On 7 September, Science/Business, a media organisation and interdisciplinary network of research, policy and industrial organisations, held a public conference in Brussels that aimed at exploring avenues of Research & Industry (R&I) cooperation.

The key focus of the conference was Horizon Europe’s widening agenda and its plans for a European Research Area, both of which aims to even out R&I performance between the eastern and western member states. The event considered the context of the crisis caused by the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war, and its implications on scientific collaboration. A number of high-profile speakers participated from versatile backgrounds covering legislative fields, academia and research as well as industry. Regions within and beyond the borders of Europe were represented: apart from EU countries, speakers from Ukraine and Asia were also present.

Over the course of the event, Science/Business launched its “Widening” initiative. As part of the launch, a Q&A was held with Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth Mariya Gabriel. The “widening” initiative aims to be a tracking tool that surveys the development and growth of the Eastern European region’s public and private R&D enterprises. In the process, it also intends to identify and highlight potential challenges, with the ultimate goal of assisting to bridge Eastern and Western Europe in terms of innovation.

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