Public Consultation on The Initiative to Limit Industrial Trans Fats Intakes in the EU

The European Commission is carrying out an Impact Assessment on a possible EU-based initiative to limit intakes of industrial trans fats in the diet of EU consumers, such as to limit industrial trans fats content in food through self-regulation or through a legally-binding measure, to introduce mandatory labelling of the trans fats content of foods on food labels or to prohibit the use of partly hydrogenated oils, which are the main source of industrial trans fats, in foods manufacturing/preparation through self-regulation or through a legally-binding measure. The present public consultation integrates the targeted consultations with interested stakeholders and national competent authorities already carried out by the Commission and an external contractor which supports the Commission’s work on trans fats. This public consultation is aimed at giving an additional possibility to all stakeholders and individual citizens with a possible interest in trans fats to provide their views on key elements of the Impact Assessment.
Deadline: 9 February 2019

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