Consultation on a Concept Paper on the Revision of the ‘Guidance On Submissions for Safety Evaluation of Sources Of Nutrients or of other Ingredients Proposed for use in the Manufacture of Foods’

European Food Safety Authority´s (EFSA) Food Ingredient and Packaging Unit (FIP) has launched an open consultation on a Concept paper on the revision of the ‘Guidance on submissions for safety evaluation of sources of nutrients or of other ingredients proposed for use in the manufacture of foods’. This document proposes to highlight those areas of the existing 2001 SCF Guidance which have been identified based on the experience accrued by the ANS Panel with the evaluation of nutrient sources, as the most in need of further elaboration or clarification. This initiative is in line with the EFSA’s objective of prioritising public engagement in the process of scientific assessment.
Deadline: 20 July 2016

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