New special European Parliament committees

On 19 June, the European Parliament announced having set up special and inquiry committees and a permanent subcommittee. Among them, the new special committee on beating cancer will implement concrete actions in order to prevent and fight cancer. The tasks of this special committee will also be to identify legislation and other measures to deal with cancer, as well as finding solutions to support scientific research in this area. The creation of this Committee is a follow-up to the European Commission Public Consultation on ‘Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan’.

Furthermore, the European Parliament also implemented a special committee on artificial intelligence (AI). Its aim will be to study the impact and challenges of rolling out AI. It will also propose a roadmap with objectives to guide the European Union in AI and its related field.

These two special committees are composed of 33 MEPs each, and will both be set up for one year. The Chairs and Vice-chairs will be decided and announced in September 2020.

Source: Press Room of the European Parliament

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