The Lithium Element – Enabler of the Energy Transition

The European Chemical Society is organising the webinar ‘The Lithium Element – Enabler of the Energy Transition‘, which will be held on Wednesday 1 December 2021, from 10:00 to 16:30 CET.

Speakers from the European Parliament, the European Commission, academia, and industry will address key issues around the lithium element, such as circular economy, recycling lithium and its alternatives, geopolitics, etc. This webinar will also be an opportunity to discuss the colour of Lithium in the EuChemS periodic table.

The webinar is chaired by Nicola Armaroli (CNR, EuChemS Executive Board member). More information about the speakers and the programme is available here.

You are kindly invited to join us online. The registration link for the webinar is available here.

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