ITRE discusses hydrogen measures and Chips Act

The last meetings of ITRE before the summer recess were held on 13 and 14 July. The key topics of these meetings were the Gas and Hydrogen Directive and the European Chips Act.

On 13 July, recast Gas/Hydrogen regulation and recast Gas/Hydrogen directive rapporteurs’ (Jerzy Buzek and Jens Geier respectively) draft reports were considered. Decarbonising gas consumption by establishing policy frameworks supporting the hydrogen infrastructure is the key focus of both drafts.

On 14 July, a public hearing was held on the European Chips Act, and its potential. After  the opening remarks by ITRE chair Cristian-Silviu Busoi, numerous expert presentations were held by policy and industry representatives, followed by a Q&A with ITRE members. The European Chips Act aims to ensure the technological leadership of Europe. It was created in response to the shortage of rare materials necessary to create semiconductors, and it also considers to sustainability of building these crucial components.

The next ITRE meeting will take place on 1 September.

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