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The European Chemical Society attended the Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC) online meeting of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) in September which addressed several pressing issues. Significant topics were discussed, including the new interpretation of the Judgment of the General Court of 7 March 2019 REACH — Commission Decision authorising the use of lead sulfochromate yellow and of lead chromate molybdate sulfate red –Article 60(4) and (5) of Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 — Examination of the lack of availability of alternatives — Error of law. RAC also discussed applications for authorisation, other restriction proposals and harmonised classification and labelling.

Throughout the summer period, RAC activities continued with online Working Groups meetings: the applications for authorisation and classification were reviewed in order to be presented during the RAC’s plenary meeting.

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Background information

The Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC) is responsible for preparing scientific opinions related to the risks of chemicals to human health and the environment for the following processes:

  • applications for authorisation;
  • proposals for restrictions;
  • proposals for harmonised classification and labelling; and
  • occupational exposure limits (OELs).

The final decisions are taken by the European Commission through a comitology procedure.

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