Jean-Pierre Bourguignon appointed interim President of the ERC

The European Commission (EC) appointed Professor Jean-Pierre Bourguignon as the President of the European Research Council (ERC) for an interim period until the next ERC President takes office. This re-selection has been well received across Europe, considering his previous position as the President of the ERC from 2014-2019, which was already his 2nd term.

Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, the ERC Scientific Council, as well as the scientific community have supported this decision. In the face of the final stages of Horizon 2020 and in preparations for Horizon Europe, Professor Bourguignon’s thorough understanding of the scientific and policy-making procedures will be necessary in order to keep enabling researchers to push the boundaries while pursuing scientific breakthroughs.

More information about this topic, as well as a podcast with Professor Bourguignon are available.

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