‘’Is anyone reading our work?’’

The European Commission is currently preparing a project know as the “Knowledge4Policy” (K4P) platform, a set-up that aims to enable more fluid exchanges between scientists, policymakers and journalists. Beginning of March, the first focus group was held in which several scientists were asked to discuss their worries and their perception of how decision-makers access and use their research findings. But bridging the cultural divide between how scientists think and work and of how policymakers do so is not easy task. The session enabled scientists to share the sort of features in such a platform they would like and to better understand what decision-makers are looking for. Interestingly, one of the recurring statements expressed was the desire to have as much face to face contact as possible with policymakers, a consequence of the fact it remains very hard to know whether one’s research is being read. You can access the full article here.

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