International Year of the Periodic Table – IYPT2019

Proclaimed the International Year of the Periodic Table by the United Nations General Assembly and UNESCO, 2019 will be the 150th anniversary of Dmitri Mendeleev’s discovery of the Periodic Table (interestingly, several scientists in Europe developed Periodic Systems and systemisation attempts around the same time. You may recognise names such as Antoine Lavoisier, Alexandre-Emile Beguyer de Chancourtois, John Newlands and the familiar name of Julius Lothar Meyer).

The IYPT2019 will be launched at an Opening Ceremony in Paris on 29 January 2019. Some of the speakers include Ben Feringa, Youri Oganessian and Sir Martyn Poliakoff. Pilar Goya, EuChemS President will also take to the stage and present the EuChemS Periodic Table as well as unveil the new video game developed by EuChemS – which will be available to try out for the very first time at the event.

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The IYPT2019 is an initiative set off by the Mendeleev Chemical Society, and with the support of IUPAC, UNESCO and 5 founding partners including EuChemS.

IUPAC has also created a webpage which lists events and activities worldwide linked to the IYPT2019:

Organising an event in Europe? You can also apply for the EuChemS recognition scheme:

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